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Equinix Metal Helps Mirantis Give Users Easier Access To Infrastructure


Guests: James Malachowski (LinkedIn, Twitter)
Shaun O’Meara (LinkedIn)
Companies: Equinix Metal (Twitter)
Mirantis (LinkedIn, Twitter)
Show: Let’s Talk

Equinix Metal and Mirantis have been in a partnership for some time. This partnership is all about enabling customers to do more in the cloud-native space. The importance of that partnership, according to James Malachowski, Head of Solution Architects at Equinix Metal, is about making “one plus one equal three” and how the company can enable customers to do more with both of these products. Malachowski explains, “We typically deal in primitives, right? Basic level services, networking, compute, storage that customers typically compose to do much more interesting business level things. And for us, it’s really critical to have the right solutions, the right partners to really help customers get from point A to point B without us having to necessarily do all that heavy lifting.”

From the Mirantis’ point of view, Shaun O’Meara, Field CTO at Mirantis, says, “That partnership allows us to not only address a wider audience but also to do that on demand, which is a major advantage for us now.”

But how does this partnership serve the customers? From O’Meara’s perspective, it’s all about simplicity. To that, O’Meara says, “We’re able to give users a much simpler, much easier access to infrastructure. We’re in this world where we’re trying to move between public and private clouds. We’ve got a lot of customers who are on-prem. By really enabling them to have that on-prem capability through Equinix Metal but with the simplicity of public cloud.”

From Malachowski’s perspective, “What I find is most people are struggling. It’s really difficult. It’s really complex. They need a partner, they need a north star to help guide them on that journey. And that’s really the value that we see.”

With regards to use cases, O’Meara mentions financial services where customers want to be able to expand rapidly and want access to market aggregation services. Another use case is smaller telcos looking for aggregated and core services.

Finally, Malachowski says, on how the partnership has benefited Equinix Metal, “We’ve seen this pattern as companies mature and grow that they’ll expand their network and build things a certain way. And that’s really the opportunity we had. And I think the Mirantis team really helped influence how we think about that.”

The summary of the show is written by Jack Wallen

Topics we covered:

  • James, Equinix Metal focuses a lot on partnership. Can you talk about the importance of these kinds of partnerships, not only for Equinix Metal but also for the whole ecosystem?
  • Shaun, if I ask the same question to you, what is the importance of these kinds of partnerships for Mirantis?
  • How does this collaboration help the users of your services?
  • What’s the importance of bare metal in the modern cloud-native world? Why should developers care about it?
  • We do like to talk about the DevOps movement, but how many of these practices are being used in reality?
  • Mirantis is serving a wide variety of customers, dating back to OpenStack days, but are there any use cases where you feel Equinix Metal helps you serve these customers better?
  • There are other players like Equinix. Why did Mirantis choose to partner with Equinix Metal only?
  • James, partners like Mirantis bring many unique use cases and challenges to Equinix Metal. How does that make Equinix Metal even better?


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