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Era Software Report Highlights Challenges IT Executives Face With Observability Data Management


Era Software, the observability data management company, has released the findings of its first State of Observability and Log Management Report. Over 315 IT executives, cloud applications architects, DevOps, and site reliability engineers (SRE) participated in the survey. 96% of IT professionals responded saying that volumes of log data in organizations are exploding. Almost 4 out of 5 respondents believe the overall cost of observability data management will skyrocket in 2022 if current practices and tools do not evolve. A staggering 97% of respondents believe that existing log management tools present challenges and risks related to scalability.

One of the main challenges highlighted in the survey is the massive growth in log data and difficulties with the existing tools and methods to manage it. 78% of the respondents stated that attempts to manage volumes of log data have had mixed or unwanted results, such as increased incident response times or the inability to access needed data. The majority of respondents feel that while log data is necessary, it is difficult to work with.

According to Era Software, IT and security organizations face many risks with scaling log data tools, from losing critical business insights and increased troubleshooting times to security incidents. The company believes that observability data management needs to evolve to better tackle the challenges companies face today.

Respondents also shared details on their current streaming data use. Streaming data connects, filters, processes and routes log data between different observability tools or offline cold storage. The survey found that companies are in various stages of observability pipelines adoption with 36% evaluating or considering evaluating options, with 20% reporting full deployments.

Industry verticals of the respondents surveyed include financial, technology, healthcare, service, retail and manufacturing. AMER accounted for 77% of respondents, EMEA respondents accounted for 20% and 3% were from the APAC region. Respondents’ roles comprised almost one third of IT executives, a third of enterprise (cloud or application) architects, and a third in DevOps/SRE/Ops roles.

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