Ericom, Palo Alto Networks Announce Integrated Solutions To Protect Enterprises From Zero-Day, Web-Based Threats

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Ericom Software has announced a new integration with Palo Alto Networks. The integrated solutions give customers using Palo Alto Networks Prisma Access cloud platform a simplified way of using Ericom’s Remote Browser Isolation (RBI) service.

Ericom, a member of the Palo Alto Networks’ NextWave Technology Partner Program, created this Ericom RBI integration to utilize Palo Alto Networks Prisma Access CloudBlades capabilities. This approach delivers a secure RBI web browsing experience for Prisma Access users.

The RBI integration leverages new technologies introduced in Palo Alto Networks latest Prisma Access 2.0 release. Customers using Prisma Access with Ericom RBI cloud can set policies to send specific categories of web traffic, such as risky or uncategorized sites, to RBI for isolation-based threat prevention.

Ericom’s cloud service executes web content in a remote, isolated cloud container. By moving the web browsing function to the cloud, RBI prevents ransomware, zero days, and malware from phishing sites from ever reaching endpoints.

The Palo Alto Networks NextWave Technology Partner Program provides partners with the resources needed to develop solutions which complement Palo Alto Networks integrated security platform.

The integration is now available to customers.