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Everything PlanetScale Announced At KubeCon EU | Feat. Nicholas Van Wiggeren


PlanetScale, the serverless MySQL database built atop Vitess, the open source project developed at YouTube, aims to help developers be more productive with CNCF technologies without needing to be experts of all of them. The company announced three new features at KubeCon: PlanetScale Insights, PlanetScale Portals, and PlanetScale Rewind. PlanetScale Insights is the beginning of an APM stack inside of PlanetScale, enabling users detailed database performance metrics and to identify queries within seconds. The PlanetScale Portals feature has the ability to project read-only replicas of your database into any AWS region that PlanetScale is in today. The company’s third new feature, PlanetScale Rewind, is an ‘Easy Button’ to undo schema migrations that enables recovery in seconds from bad schema changes.

“You can have the best schema change process, the best schema change tool in the world, but if you, the user, are typing in a bad schema, it doesn’t matter. All those tools get you to the cliff faster,” says Nick Van Wiggeren, VP of Engineering at PlanetScale, on this episode of TFiR Let’s Talk, at KubeCon in Valencia, Spain.

Key highlights in this video interview are:

  • Van Wiggeren discusses the history of PlanetScale since its conception four years ago and how it is making Vitess and CNCF technologies more accessible to developers.
  • PlanetScale is helping people pick the database that will get them to hyperscale as early as possible, easing them all along that journey. Van Wiggeren explains the challenges companies are facing with scalability and the use cases they are seeing.
  • Van Wiggeren discusses the role open source technologies play in PlanetScale and challenges of building out features specific to certain businesses. He discusses how the company balances open source collaboration with the needs of commercialization.
  • PlanetScale has announced the release of three new features: PlanetScale Insights, PlanetScale Portals, and PlanetScale Rewind. Van Wiggeren explains the key details of the new features and what challenges they are solving.
  • PlanetScale is launching two new pieces of content: a video and blog post on the future database, and a podcast on the history of the database. Van Wiggeren elaborates on what will be covered in the content.

Connect with Nick Van Wiggeren (LinkedIn, Twitter)

The summary of the show is written by Emily Nicholls.

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