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ExaVault Opts For Instana APM


Managed File Transfer company ExaVault has selected and deployed Instana to manage their mission critical applications. After implementing Instana in their production environment, ExaVault said it got both overall observability and the client-by-client visibility they desired.

Unlike other APM solutions, Instana is said to fully automate the entire lifecycle of application monitoring including application discovery and mapping, monitoring sensor and agent deployment, and application infrastructure health monitoring. ExaVault was able to increase its overall availability from 99.51% to 99.99%, a direct result of Instana identifying hotspots and bugs that were previously unknown to the operations or development teams.

ExaVault serves over 35,000 requests per minute – or more than 50 million calls every day. A great number of those are automated or ‘batch’ file transfers, making the nature of the data and the functionality makes ExaVault mission critical to clients.

That means that ExaVault needs to manage not only the aggregate performance of all the entirety of their application, but also need to be able to see into individual tenants’ applications – no two of which are the same. In fact, many of the application issues that occur in production are only impacting a single customer.

Looking ahead, ExaVault plans to expand across the application lifecycle.

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