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F5 Cloud Services Comes to the AWS Marketplace


F5 Networks has extended its F5 Cloud Services with a new delivery model that benefits from the AWS SaaS Enablement Framework for its application services. The company also announced the availability of F5 Cloud Services in the AWS Marketplace.

According to the company, F5 Cloud Services provide fully managed SaaS solutions that are easily provisioned and configured within minutes on AWS. As enterprise-grade offerings, they are designed to support modern deployment scenarios such as cloud-native applications.

F5 Cloud Services also deliver foundational security capabilities and will offer additional protections through future services that allow companies to configure and automate defenses for multiple attack vectors, the company added.

Offering F5 capabilities through a SaaS delivery model provides an extensible framework to deliver additional services as needed over time, and throughout an application’s development and production lifecycle.

The company has also launched Secondary DNS Cloud Services in the AWS Marketplace, with a global server load balancing offer available in preview. F5 Networks said it plans to add and new security capabilities soon.

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