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Facebook Building Own OS To Power Its VR, AR Hardware


It’s a pretty well-known fact that Facebook is dependent on Google and the Android Open Source Project for its own hardware products like the Oculus headsets. But what has now come to light is that the social media giant wants to build its own operating system to power its future VR headsets and smart speakers, as well as its AR glasses.

According to a report by the Information‘s Alex Heath, Facebook has even hired Mark Lucovsky, one of the original architects of Windows NT, to lead the project.

Andrew Bosworth, Facebook’s VP of hardware, reportedly told the publication that Facebook doesn’t think that competitors will ensure space for the company in future, especially around virtual realty and augmented reality.

Another report by TechCrunch added that the company is looking at all the options right now. It also includes potentially joining forces with other companies.

The new strategy should give Facebook controls over both the hardware and the software, thus owning the complete user experience. Given the company’s repeated privacy violations, how trustworthy is Facebook offering a VR headset with a completely custom operating system in the near future?

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