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Fermyon Cloud Offers More Secure Hosted Application Platform For WebAssembly Microservice Application Deployment


Fermyon Technologies, the WebAssembly in the Cloud company, has introduced Fermyon Cloud, a faster, lighter, easier and more secure hosted application platform for developers to build better microservices more quickly. The company has also raised $20 million in Series A funding, bringing the total raised to $26 million.

The new round was led by Insight Partners with participation from previous investors Amplify Partners, Tyler McMullen (CTO of Fastly), Grant Miller (CEO of Replicated) and Marc Campbell (CTO at Replicated). The company plans to use the funding to continue to invest in serving the developer community and to productize Fermyon.

Earlier this year, Fermyon released two open source offerings: In March, the company released Fermyon Spin, a frictionless WebAssembly microservice development tool making it the easiest way to build WebAssembly microservices. In June, the company released Fermyon Platform, a complete WebAssembly-based deployment platform for Fermyon Spin applications with an associated easy-to-use Web interface that eliminates 90% of the hassle, complexity and cost of building cloud apps.

Fermyon is releasing Fermyon Cloud, a hosted platform that can start up Spin applications in less than a millisecond, caching and optimizing applications as it loads them, providing blazing fast performance for each individual application. Developers can deploy applications nearly instantaneously, testing them in seconds. Time is no longer wasted waiting for cloud services to be provisioned and brought online. Built with a serverless API like AWS Lambda, Spin applications are not only quick to deploy but are easy to build as well.

Fermyon Spin and Fermyon Cloud provide an end-to-end experience that gets the developer from a blinking cursor to a deployed app in minutes. As the developer iterates on their code, updating and redeploying is a breeze, with zero downtime and an easy-to-use dashboard for troubleshooting. Developers who prefer to host their own infrastructure can opt out of Fermyon Cloud and instead install their own instance of Fermyon Platform, the open source host-it-yourself version of Fermyon’s service.

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