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Fiberplane Open Sources Its WebAssembly-Based Plugin System


Fiberplane, the real-time collaboration notebook specifically designed for developers and DevOps teams to debug their infrastructure, is making its WebAssembly-based plugin system (called “Providers” at Fiberplane) open source and available to anyone to connect to observability tools such as Prometheus, ElasticSearch and other data sources.

It is also open sourcing its Provider Development Kit (PDK), written in Rust, that allows developers to build their own plugins or providers, and the Fiberplane Daemon that executes the plugins or providers for those who are using their own servers – such as installation as a container inside a Kubernetes cluster.

Fiberplane plugins/providers enable developers to fetch different types of data. By compiling to WebAssembly, the Fiberplane plugins/providers can run both in the browser and backend and are open for developers to create custom integrations with observability and monitoring software, as well as other types of developer tools such as CI/CD, issue tracking and version control.

The full open source Fiberplane WebAssembly-based Plugin System includes:

  • Fp-bindgen, the bindings generator for building plugins
  • The Provider Development Kit (PDK), a toolchain for building plugins, powered by fp-bindgen.
  • A first set of providers that consists of Prometheus, ElasticSearch, Sentry, Grafana Loki, Cloudwatch and a generic HTTP provider
  • The Fiberplane Daemon (fpd), that enables teams to execute providers on their own infrastructure in a secure manner.
  • The Fiberplane command line interface (fp), which interacts with the Fiberplane API and its templating stack for Fiberplane notebooks

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