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Best Practices For Infrastructure as Code With Firefly’s ValidIaC


Firefly, the cloud asset management solution, scans the entire cloud footprint and Kubernetes cluster and codifies everything to IaC. Firefly recently launched its first open source tool ValidIaC, which helps to validate best practices for Infrastructures as Code (IaC).

“We built this open source tool because Terraform is challenging. I guess that you heard about the Shift Left approach. It means that instead of creating resources in the cloud, we use IaC to deploy them. And before the Shift Left approach, the only way to detect security issues or cost problems was only by using third-party tools, such as a CSPM (Cloud Security Posture Management) or CloudHealth,” says Sefi Genis, CTO and Co-Founder at Firefly, on the latest episode of TFiR Let’s Talk.

Key highlights from this video interview are:

  • Firefly’s technology helps DevOps teams detect drifts between the cloud and IaC, providing classification and insights over the cloud for security, cost, and SRE purposes. Genis discusses why having tools to help validate best practices for IaC is so important. He discusses the open source tools in ValidIaC and how they help with best practices.
  • Terraform can be challenging to work with but Genis explains how having open source tools to help detect everything before actually deploying them can help to overcome the challenges of working with Terraform.
  • Firefly is passionate about open source and one of the motivations of building ValidIaC was because the available open source IaC tools were difficult to navigate. Genis explains the inspirations behind building ValidIaC.
  • Genis explains how ValidIaC improves developers’ lives, helping them deep dive into the open source tools and understand the configuration. He gives examples of what the open source tools do and how they can be helpful to developers.
  • Genis explains how ValidIaC is used internally within Firefly to codify resources from the cloud to Terraform. He explains how ValidIaC ensures your Terraform configuration is set with best practices for security and cost.
  • IaC is the only way to manage the cloud today, which together with using immutability helps developers create a group of resources and deploy those environments. Genis explains why it is so critical for developers and DevOps teams to understand IaC and its tools.
  • Genis discusses other challenges that developers who are embracing IaC are facing and how Firefly is working to solve these challenges.

Guest: Sefi Genis (LinkedIn, Twitter)
Company: Firefly (Twitter)
Show: Let’s Talk
Keywords: Infrastructure as Code, IaC

About Sefi Genis: With years of experience and software development, cloud computing, and Infrastructure-as-Code, he has earned a reputation as a cloud expert and an avid admin of cloud security and architecture. Prior to Firefly, Sefi was Head of Engineering at Cynamics, and Infrastructure Team Leader at Dome9 Security (Acq. by Checkpoint).”

About Firefly: Firefly’s Cloud Asset Management solution enables DevOps and Cloud teams to rediscover their entire cloud footprint, understand which parts of it are codified vs unmanaged, detect drifts to prevent service failures, and manage a single inventory of all their cloud resources across Multi-cloud, multi-accounts and Kubernetes deployments.

The summary of the show is written by Emily Nicholls.

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