Flexify.IO Now Supports 20+ Public Clouds And Cloud Storage Environments


Storage virtualization provider Flexify.IO now supports more than 20 different cloud storage service providers and private cloud storage environments, including Alibaba Cloud, AWS S3, Microsoft Azure Blob, Backblaze B2, Dataline, Dell EMC ECS, DigitalOcean, Dropbox, Exoscale, Google Cloud, Linode, Cloud, MinIO, OVH, Wasabi, and Yandex Cloud.

The company also now supports Ceph-based storage.

Flexify.IO allows its users to manage their data across multiple clouds, presenting the data to applications as a single S3-compatible virtual bucket, independent of the underlying cloud provider’s APIs. The service simplifies the migration process, ensuring maximum throughput, resolving errors and eliminating downtime during migration.

A large gaming company recently worked with Flexify.IO to move more than 5PB of data from Amazon S3 to Google.

Flexify.IO has launched a multi-user management console, supporting customers that want to support multiple departments and users on Flexify.IO through a central administrator.

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