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Free Software Foundation Announces Support For Local Free Software Groups


At the 2021 edition of its annual conference on free software and social justice, LibrePlanet, the Free Software Foundation (FSF) formally announced its plan to lend support for local free software groups and meetups through its LibrePlanet network for free software advocacy.

These groups raise awareness on issues relating to software freedom, and encourage adoption of free software in local communities.

In the case of a free software advocacy group, committed activists might join together to protest the opening of an Apple store selling devices locked with Digital Restrictions Management (DRM), or form a satellite event for future events associated with the LibrePlanet conference.

FSF members who are unable to meet in person but want to plan events can use the organization’s free “as in freedom” videoconferencing server.

Groups meeting the criteria may seek to be reimbursed by the FSF for limited organizational expenses. Any new or “rebooted” groups will receive a basic pack of free software advocacy materials from the GNU Press shop as well.

The FSF is encouraging all those interested in organizing or revitalizing an existing free software group to reach out to the FSF campaigns team at [email protected] for instructions on requesting a grant.

The campaigns team also suggests using the FSF’s LibrePlanet wiki to look for existing groups in their area, or start a new one through the wiki if one doesn’t exist.

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