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FrontdeskAI Helps Sensory Fitness Enhance Front Desk Operations


In a move to bring the benefits of AI to smaller local businesses, FrontdeskAI is helping Sensory Fitness expand services and classes without adding operational expense or reducing customer service quality.

The Miami-based fitness company deployed FrontdeskAI’s conversational AI virtual assistant — Sasha for Fitness — in February this year. Thanks to the solution, Sensory Fitness has achieved annualized operational savings of $30,000, and an average of $1,500 a month in additional recurring revenue through new memberships.

In the highly competitive fitness space, the FrontdeskAI virtual assistant is fielding over 160 incoming calls that otherwise would have gone to voicemail. As well as impacting top and bottom line, this ensures the reputation Sensory Fitness has built for customer service is maintained as the company grows.

The FrontdeskAI virtual assistant can easily be personalized in the brand tone of a company, and because it understands context, it never forgets a customer – remembering details such as when they last visited and service preferences.

It is these benefits, plus the ability to integrate with Sensory Fitness’ booking software, that the company was able to achieve over $30k in annual cost savings while onboarding an average of 25 new customers per month who otherwise might have gone to an alternative service because their call went unanswered, the company added.

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