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Fugue’s New Organization Management Features Help Streamline Onboarding And Security Oversight For Large Cloud Operations


Fugue has announced the cloud security platform that enables enterprises to establish centralized security visibility and governance over their cloud environments, while empowering individual business units with the flexibility they need to innovate and compete. Now, Fugue Organization Management operationalizes cloud security across the entire organization, allowing companies to effectively scale their existing cloud security resources using policy-based automation and help engineering teams eliminate costly delays and deliver secure cloud infrastructure fast.

Fugue empowers central security operations teams with real-time visibility into the full state and security posture of cloud environments across business units or customers. Security teams can view consolidated organization-level reports to gain insight into the compliance and security of all cloud environments across cloud providers, access individual cloud environments as needed to investigate vulnerabilities and modify policy settings to meet required security standards for each use case as well as operationalize cloud security across the organization with business unit or customer reporting for IT chargebacks.

Fugue said that it ensures that policy-driven cloud security controls are consistently interpreted, implemented and enforced across the entire organization. Security teams can leverage hundreds of pre-built rules mapped to more than a dozen compliance families and develop custom rules that can address complex, multi-resource vulnerabilities, define organization-wide compliance “families” consisting of pre-built and custom rules and send them to cloud engineering teams for implementation as well as apply organization-wide compliance families to any or all cloud operations to validate the security of their infrastructure as code and runtime environments.

Individual business units or customers have specific needs and requirements. Fugue enables the logical organization and customization of environments to empower individual engineering teams with the flexibility they need to operate with speed and efficiency.

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