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Future Of Cloud Foundry With Kubernetes | Julian Fischer


With Kubernetes entering a new phase of maturity, organizations that are on Cloud Foundry are also embracing Kubernetes. As they bring their applications and data to Kubernetes, the transition is not as smooth as they would want it to be.

Cloud Foundry and Kubernetes communities have come out with two projects to ease this transition: KubeCF and ‘cf-for-k8s’. According to Julian Fischer, CEO of anynines, ‘cf-for-k8s’ seems to be emerging as a winner. But that’s just scratching the surface as there are many more challenges that users face while moving to the cloud. In this episode of Let’s Talk, we dived deeper into those challenges and how the anynines platform helps customers with that journey.

[su_note note_color=”#000″ text_color=”#fff”]Julian Fischer, CEO of anynines, has dedicated his career to the improvement and automation of software operations. In more than fifteen years, he has built several application platforms with various open source automation tools. His latest passions are Data Service Automation, Cloud Foundry, BOSH and Kubernetes. [/su_note]

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