Geoverse To Launch 5G-Enabled GeoCore By Mid-2021


Geoverse has announced its first successful standalone 5G data session using its GeoCore intelligent service platform. Following this testing, Geoverse is preparing to rollout standalone 5G across its national GeoCore footprint during the first half of 2021.

Offering enterprises choice, the Geoverse GeoCore service platform allows deployment with a number of Radio Access Network (RAN) vendors.

According to the company, this multi-RAN architecture approach offers flexibility in solution economics to help deliver a more cost friendly network tailored to the business and its user community.

Building on the existing Geoverse 4G-LTE cloud-native core network, which is the foundation today for the commercial Network as a Service (NaaS) offering, standalone 5G marks the next critical milestone in 5G evolution.

Geoverse has plans to introduce 5G capabilities by mid-2021 to its existing 4G/LTE GeoCore EPC offerings, available to the enterprise today as a hosted cloud-based service or on premise as a dedicated solution.

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