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Gluware Launches Network Robotic Process Automation Solution


Gluware has introduced its Network Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solution, an integrated application that enables users to create, manage and monitor no-code workflows across a wide range of native and third-party integrations. Gluware Network RPA provides users with the ability to securely leverage intelligent process automation for mission-critical network workflows, such as moves/adds/changes/deletes (MACD), assessments, troubleshooting, OS change processes, configuration management and more.

Users will have access to task-level operations from each application, along with external tasks for integrations with systems, including ITSMs, IPAMs, SYSLOG and monitoring for SNMP, NetFlow and sFlow.

Gluware Network RPA includes three components: Workflow Library, Workflow Editor and Workflow Activity. Workflow Library provides workflow management and information with the ability to import, export, and track development levels and execute workflows. Workflows can be executed manually, scheduled or triggered (event-driven).

Workflow Editor is an automation flow designer with a drag-and-drop user interface to build out end-to-end processes of triggers, actions and events, using pre-built tasks and conditional logic (if-then-else) that supports multi-path decision logic.

Workflow Activity provides multi-layer monitoring and execution results at the workflow layer, task layer and device/endpoint layer. Users can manage workflow states, including pending, running and blocked. Full log and review access are also provided.

By offering DevOps style development for workflow level progression (draft, test, production), Gluware Network RPA accelerates hyperautomation and enables businesses to get on the NetDevOps fast track. The turnkey solution also enables a much wider range of integrations – including pre-built API integrations – leveraging third-party libraries, including StackStorm, and providing integration packs with systems, including ServiceNow, Jira, AWS, Ansible, Slack and more.

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