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Goldilocks v3.0 Improves Resource Management Performance For Large Clusters

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Fairwinds has announced updates to Goldilocks, an open source tool for Kubernetes resource management. The tool provides recommendations for setting resource requests and limits on Kubernetes deployments.

Goldilocks v3.0 is claimed to offer better performance in large clusters with numerous namespaces. It also provides resource recommendations that can be viewed from a single namespace and a simplified process to install the control plane vertical pod auto-scaler (VPA).

Fairwinds found that users with really large clusters and hundreds of namespaces and VPA objects sometimes struggled with dashboard performance.

Robert Brennan, director of open source at Fairwinds, said that the company worked directly with users to update Goldilocks “so that it resolved these needs and is now better suited for large cluster installations.”

Goldilocks updates are the latest in a string of open source announcements made this year by Fairwinds.

The company has introduced four open source tools in 2020: Gemini, Nova, Astro, and Pluto, and made major updates to Polaris.

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