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Google, HP Back AR Startup Mojo Vision


California-based augmented reality company Mojo Vision has raised $58 million in funding from a number of prominent venture firms. These include Advantech Capital, Google’s Gradient Ventures, HP Tech Ventures, Motorola Solutions Venture Capital, Bold Capital Partners, LG Electronics, Kakao Ventures, and Stanford StartX.

With the fresh round, Mojo Vision’s total funding to date comes to more than $108 million.

Mojo Vision is said to develop the underlying technology and interfaces to create “a pioneering augmented reality platform” conceived around the future of computing and communication that is coined as “Invisible Computing.”

The startup didn’t disclose anything about what it’s been cooking up or any immediate specifics about product availability. However, Drew Perkins, CEO at Mojo Vision, said: “Mojo Vision is taking on a big challenge – to rethink how people receive and share information in a way that is immediate and relevant, without diverting their attention.”

So is Mojo Vision developing something that blends into the environment? We will have to wait for specific details as the company plans to release “more detail on its technology, platform and products at a future date.”

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