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Google Takes Over Microsoft-Led VS Code Go Extension


With the growing popularity as well as the expansion of the ecosystem, the Microsoft-led VS Code Go extension now needs more maintenance and support. The VS Code extension for Go is now being used by 41 percent of Go developers. Taking cue from this, the team has announced the next phase in the Go team’s partnership with the VS Code team.

The VS Code extension for Go is now officially joining the Go project, created by Google in the early 2000s.

To put things in perspective, Microsoft worked with developer communities to build Visual Studio Code (VS Code) as a powerful, extensible editor for some 5 years while working closely with the Go team at Google.

The changeover implies that the publisher of the extension will be changed from “Microsoft” to “Go Team at Google” in the VS Code Marketplace, Microsoft’s platform for distributing VS Code extensions.

Moreover, the project’s source code repository is also moving from the Microsoft/vscode-go to join the rest of the Go project at golang/vscode-go repo.

As owners of the extension, the Go team will work towards reducing the burden of maintenance work on the Go community.

The team said that it will make sure “the builds stay green, the issues get triaged, and the docs get updated.” Additionally, it will focus on keeping contributors abreast of relevant language changes while smoothing the rough edges between the extension’s different dependencies.

Even as the extension graduates to be part of the Go project, the VS Code team said it will continue to work together with the rest of the Go project and the community to deliver a great experience for all Gophers.

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