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Granulate Launches G-Profiler Open-Source Platform


Granulate has announced the release of its open-source platform, the G-Profiler, a production profiling solution that measures the performance of code in production applications to facilitate compute optimization.

According to the company, Granulate’s G-Profiler helps R&D and DevOps teams maximize their applications’ performance, improve the quality of their code and reduce cloud costs – all with simple installation and no code changes.

Granulate’s G-Profiler aggregates profiling data across multiple nodes and multiple application languages over any time frame, with no code changes or performance penalties. These new capabilities enable development teams to identify and optimize performance bottlenecks more efficiently, in any environment.

The G-Profiler is based on internal tools created by Granulate’s R&D teams as part of the company’s real-time continuous optimization solution.

Granulate has decided to open-source the product to support the community and accelerate industry awareness of computing inefficiencies that may otherwise go undetected.

The G-Profiler is available as an open-source package from GitHub, or try the free public image in AWS, Azure, and GCP or a free container image in the Docker registry.

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