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groundcover Raises $24.5 Million For Next Generation Of APM With eBPF

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groundcover, a start up with a mission to reinvent the cloud-native application monitoring domain with eBPF, raised $24.5M in funding: $4.5M in seed funding and $20M in a Series A round. The A series was led by Zeev Ventures joined by previous investors Angular Ventures, Heavybit and Jibe Ventures. The funds will be used for further product development.

Founded in 2021, groundcover uses eBPF to help teams monitor their K8s applications effortlessly, at scale, by pinpointing bleeding issues and providing insights to solve them much faster.

eBPF was first introduced in 2014 and allows programs to run directly in an isolated virtual machine inside the Linux kernel. In the last 24 months, eBPF has evolved to solve new use cases, becoming the next great promise in fields like network infrastructure, security and observability.

groundcover utilizes eBPF to provide deep Kubernetes observability, using it to trace any type of event – from network and infrastructure, all the way to services and applications running in the user space.

By using eBPF to collect observability data straight from the Linux kernel, groundcover requires no R&D efforts in the process. Together with a edge-compute approach to collect data efficiently, groundcover covers everything yet stores only what matters. The result is super-granular yet scalable visibility into what’s really happening inside a Kubernetes cluster, the company said.

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