Guardant Health Deploys Rafay Kubernetes Operations Platform


Guardant Health has selected and deployed Rafay Systems‘ Kubernetes Operations Platform in production to manage and maintain always-on availability of the medical research team’s high-compute analytics applications.

Given Guardant Health’s prior experience with managing the complexity of Kubernetes, the DevOps/SRE team knew exactly what it needed to streamline Kubernetes operations and ensure mission-critical availability of its HPC solution. After evaluating multiple vendors, Guardant Health selected Rafay as its partner for Kubernetes operations. According to the company, Rafay was the only vendor that made operating multiple Kubernetes clusters easy to manage, more reliable and enabled fast application deployment. Moreover, Rafay exceeded Guardant Health’s requirements for security, governance, and visibility across its environments.

With Rafay, Guardant was able to rapidly deploy an enterprise-grade Kubernetes operations practice to support its modern applications. This allows for the rapid deployment of applications which can scale up and down as needed to meet changing business demands.

Because the Rafay Kubernetes Operations Platform has been built with zero-trust security as a foundational capability, Guardant Health is now able to easily secure access to multiple Kubernetes clusters through its enterprise single sign-on solution, and enforce role-based access control for developers, DevOps engineers and SREs, while automatically auditing all user actions for security and regulatory compliance.

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