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Harness CI Community Edition Now Includes New Dev Experience


Harness has announced major updates to its open source module, Harness Continuous Integration (CI) Community Edition (formerly

Along with a new dev experience and user interface designed to mirror Harness’ Software Delivery Platform, today’s release provides open source contributors with new pipeline execution visualizations, advanced governance and security controls, and live CI pipeline debugging capabilities, to build and test code in record time.

Today’s news marks Harness’ first major contribution to the open source software community following its acquisition of Drone in August 2020.

Since Drone was founded in 2013, it has earned more than 100 million downloads from DockerHub, boasts 50,000 active monthly users, and is the most ‘liked’ CI/CD project on GitHub with 21,319 likes – 5,500 more than Jenkins, 13,000 more than Spinnaker, and 18,000 more than Jenkins-X.

Additional updates to Harness CI Community Edition include a sleek, modern user interface designed to match other Harness product modules creates a smooth transition for developers working between Harness modules.

Developers can understand exactly what pipeline steps are executing, when, and in what order – all using a visual map. This is an easier and faster way of tracking complex pipelines than reviewing them as text in log files.

Debugging builds that work on developers’ computers and not on the CI server can be a time consuming and difficult undertaking. With live CI pipeline debugging, developers can solve build failures occurring on CI instances quickly.

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