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Harness Opens Its CD Service In A Community Edition


Harness is opening the CD component of its DevOps platform, which is now free and accessible under a source-available license, complementing its CI platform, which is already available under an open source license. Users can now quickly and easily get started with Harness CI/CD to build an agile software delivery solution, without license or usage fees.

“We opened our source code and product roadmaps to the community to simplify adoption for teams that want a globally adopted and category-leading CD platform, one with AI-powered intelligence that automates deployments and rollbacks so they can get back their nights and weekends,” said Jyoti Bansal, founder and CEO of Harness.

With today’s announcement, Harness is opening its CD service in a Community Edition under the free and source-accessible Polyform Shield license. This user-centered choice of license empowers Harness users with free and open accessibility to the code, including the right to use, modify and distribute, but not use it to launch a competitive offering.

The Harness CD Community Edition joins Harness CI Community Edition (formerly known as Drone Open Source), the open source, cloud-native CI solution available under the Apache 2.0 license.

Scaling to additional enterprise-grade features and SaaS plans is a straightforward upgrade path.

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