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HashiCorp Delivers Vault, Consul As Managed Services On HashiCorp Cloud Platform


HashiCorp has launched the private beta of HashiCorp Vault on the HashiCorp Cloud Platform (HCP). The company also announced a new open source, identity-based secure access management project called HashiCorp Boundary that allows users to remotely access systems regardless of location based on user identity.

Alongside these announcements, HashiCorp Consul, its service networking and service mesh product, is now in public beta on the HashiCorp Cloud Platform.

The HashiCorp approach is claimed to enable a zero trust approach across the four pillars of multi-cloud security: machine authentication and authorization (via Vault), machine-to-machine access (via Consul), human authentication and authorization (via trusted identity providers), and human-to-machine access (via Boundary).

Making Vault available on HCP allows customers to get up and running quickly with Vault while relying on HashiCorp to handle management, upgrades, and scaling of the product.

HCP Vault is the second HashiCorp product available as a service on the managed cloud platform and is initially offered on AWS. The initial offering is in private beta, with broader access to be announced soon.

Further, HCP Consul offers secure service networking across EKS, ECS, EC2, and other AWS application environments.

It also allows organizations to securely connect AWS environments to other cloud environments and to private datacenters using a Consul multi-platform service mesh.

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