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Hasura Launches Hasura Cloud GraphQL Service


Data access infrastructure company Hasura recently announced its new service, Hasura Cloud, to provide instant and secure access to data across hybrid- and multi-cloud environments with a unified GraphQL API.

Hasura Cloud is said to help organizations create data-driven applications without costly investments in infrastructure or operational management. Based on Hasura’s enterprise-grade Hasura Pro product, Hasura Cloud brings new cloud-specific functionality such as dynamic data caching, auto-scaling, global availability and consumption-based pricing.

With Hasura Cloud and its data federation capabilities, organizations can bridge new and old datasets regardless of location. This will help developers build new applications without needing to migrate large legacy datasets or getting locked into a specific vendor’s data platform.

“Hasura Cloud means you can start using a globally available, production-ready GraphQL API service immediately. There’s no need to commission hosting infrastructure or worry about operational management, you can just get started straight away. It’s been the number one request from customers looking for the fastest possible experience,” said Hasura CEO and co-founder Tanmai Gopal.

Hasura Cloud uses GraphQL, an open-source data query and manipulation specification released in 2015 by Facebook, to automatically create programming interfaces (APIs) that developers use to access and manipulate data in modern applications.

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