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Hasura Launches Public Beta of Remote Joins


Hasura, the company behind the open source GraphQL engine, has launched the public beta of GraphQL-based Remote Joins tool. With this major new feature for data federation, developers can treat data across different data sources as if it were one database without having to modify or affect the existing data sources.

Developers can point and click to create relationships between data models across these different data sources and enable access through a unified GraphQL API. Developers save time by not having to write code to build APIs and connect data, and API consumers discover related data faster and make more efficient API calls.

Data sources may expose different interfaces like GraphQL, REST or even native protocols but developers can join them together using GraphQL’s type system. By creating these relationships, a unified GraphQL API can be created for consistent and secure data access for the entire organization.

When combined with Hasura’s granular permissions system, developers can more easily provide role-based views and actions on the data using a unified security model.

With Remote Joins, Hasura said it provides data agility to teams and allows organizations to completely harness the power of their data.

Remote Joins is in public beta and will be showcased at Hasura Con ‘20 this month.

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