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Hasura, Neon Announce A Native Postgres Integration To Hasura Cloud

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Hasura has joined hands with Neon to launch a new native Postgres DB integration to Hasura Cloud. With this new integration, users can go from signing up for Hasura Cloud to their first GraphQL API in under 2 minutes. In just one click, users can create a free Postgres database and automatically add it as a data source to their Hasura Cloud project.

The new Neon Postgres integration replaces the current Heroku connection in Hasura Cloud. To try Hasura with, you’d earlier have to go to Heroku to sign up and create a database to get a new database. With the one-click Neon integration, you are not required to leave the Hasura dashboard to create and connect a new database.

More broadly, this integrated database + Hasura setup allows any developer to create a new GraphQL backend in a seamless and quick way.

Neon is a new fully-managed serverless Postgres service with modern cloud-native architecture. Neon is open-source, written in Rust and built to be 100% compatible with Postgres.

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