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Hasura’s GraphQL Platform Now Available On Google Cloud


Hasura has announced the availability of Hasura Cloud on Google Cloud Platform. The collaboration is aimed towards creating a secure and flexible cloud platform for global developers to adopt GraphQL and also reducing development time, security risks and ongoing maintenance costs of application development.

The open source Hasura GraphQL Engine (HGE) enables developers to build, ship and iterate on applications exceptionally fast by eliminating bottlenecks to data access. Developers with zero GraphQL expertise can now compose GraphQL APIs from existing databases and APIs instantly. Hasura’s recent innovations include support for REST APIs as data sources, GraphQL Joins, in addition to existing caching and granular authorization capabilities. This allows developers the ability to mix and match their data sources freely, and access them over a unified GraphQL API.

Hasura on Google Cloud now allows running the HGE directly on the platform. According to the company, this increases performance and security when HGE connects to data sources that are also on Google Cloud, such as Cloud SQL and BigQuery.

All network transit is over the Google Cloud backbone and options like VPC connectivity ensure that HGE is running on dedicated and isolated infrastructure that’s connecting securely to all data sources. The Hasura GraphQL engine automatically generates users’ GraphQL schema and resolvers based on their tables/views in Google Cloud SQL and BigQuery, eliminating the need for them to write a GraphQL schema or resolvers.

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