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Heficed Talks About 10 Biggest Data Breaches Of The 2010s


Data breaches are more advanced than ever, and even tech giants like Facebook, Apple, or Adobe fall into hackers’ traps. The last decade accounted for over 4 billion records tampered and stolen. Ten of the 15 biggest data breaches of all time took place in the 2010s.

Vincentas Grinius, CEO of Heficed – the IP address infrastructure service provider introduces the major cloud data breaches of the past 10 years and focuses on how similar crimes could be avoided in the future.

“Advanced data breaches are difficult to spot, not to mention, to investigate and find suspects. It might take years before a breach is detected, and by then it could’ve already caused millions of accounts to be affected,” quipped Grinius.

One of the unfortunate examples was the Apple iCloud breach in 2014, when many accounts were hacked and their information was leaked, including private photos of celebrities. The accident resulted in Apple strengthening its cloud security and introducing two-step verification, which is still commonly used in finance, legal, and data storage sectors.

While the decade marked one of the worst cloud breaches of all time, 2019 was the worst year of all. Last year, KrebsOnSecurity found that 885 million mortgage deal documents were leaked since 2003.

“It’s impossible to fully eliminate data breaches because whenever a new security system enters the market, hackers are challenged to take it down. The only thing organizations can do is to constantly work on improving security measures and covering blind spots that are usually how hackers compromise data,” Grinius added.

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