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How DevOps Can Leverage Data Visualization To Improve Code


Data visualization is a term closely associated with analysts, data scientists or data teams; it’s not something you hear in the context of developers using it to improve their code. Observable is changing that by helping developers leverage data visualization to improve their code. In this interview with Deepti Srivastava, Head of Product at Observable, we talked about the newly announced Observable Templates for developers.

She explained that the idea around data visualization for developers is the same as the idea of using data to get a better understanding of things in any other area with a lot of data points very quickly if you visualize it in some sort of graph chart kind of format. Developers can visualize algorithms to understand what it’s doing better and what it’s not and improvise it. Observable Templates are prepackaged data visualization artifacts, meant for specific business-related workflow. Since it’s pre-packaged, developers don’t have to spend days or even weeks to populate it before getting any meaningful value out of it; they can get started immediately. Another aspect of Observable Templates is that it lowers the barrier of entry; you don’t have to be a data scientist or expert in data visualization techniques.

Guest: Deepti Srivastava
Company: Observable

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About the company: Observable is where people can create, collaborate, and learn with data. It was founded by Mike Bostock, the author of D3.js, and Melody Meckfessel, with the mission of helping everyone make sense of the world with data. Observable is a Series A startup headquartered in San Francisco, California.

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