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How Flexify.IO Helped Musify Migrate Over 500 Terabytes Of Data


Musify is a new music streaming platform that helps users carry their music with them so they can continue to enjoy their music, irrespective of where they are. Musify was hosted on Google Cloud, and like other hyperscalers, it was getting very expensive because of storage and data transfer costs. So the company decided to migrate to a more affordable, yet efficient solution with Backblaze and Cloudflare. Their biggest challenge was to migrate over 500TB of data without service interruption and breaking the workflow of their listeners. They tried to do it themselves but soon realized that they needed an expert and that’s when they turned to Flexify.IO, an expert in cloud storage virtualization and migration. I sat down with David Liu, Founder and CEO of Musify and Sergey Kandaurov, Founder and CTO, Flexify.IO to deep dive into this migration story. This show has a lot of insights for those who are looking at migration of a similar magnitude.

Topics we covered in this show:

  • Intro to Musify
  • Intro to Flexify
  • Why didn’t Musify do the project themselves? Why did they look at an external company like Flexify to help them with the project? Then I asked Sergey if this is a typical case that Flexify often sees or was it unique in some way?
  • We are talking about 500TB of data. How did Flexify approach this migration? Did they use off-the-shelf tools that they have or did they end up creating new custom solutions for this project?
  • Was there any stage of the project where Flexify hit a roadblock or experienced an unusual challenge, and if they did, how did they overcome that?
  • Did Flexify exceed the expectations of Musify? What was their feedback?
  • How did the execution of this project give confidence to Musify to undertake another project of similar magnitude in the future?
  • When companies like Musify come to Flexify with migration help, what kind of work should they do in advance so they are prepared for a smooth migration?
  • Tips David has for companies looking for undertaking massive migration projects. What kind of work should they do in advance to make it a smooth migration?

Guests: Sergey Kandaurov (LinkedIn, Twitter), David Liu (LinkedIn, Twitter),
Companies: Musify (Twitter), Flexify.IO (Twitter)
Show: Let’s Talk

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