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How GenXComm Is Helping Companies Build 5G Private Networks


GenXComm is an Austin, Texas-based company that’s focused on helping organizations deploy 5G-based private networks. GenXComm provides a full stack of networking solutions including hardware and software. In this segment of Let’s Talk, we sat down with Hardik Jain, CTO and Co-Founder of GenXComm Inc., to talk about the company and the adoption of 5G private networks.

Here are some of the topics we covered:

  • Intro to the company
  • What factors played a role in the adoption of 5G for private networks?
  • How does Hardik define private 5G networks?
  • What kind of use cases are there for 5G private networks?
  • What kind of challenges or barriers are there in the adoption of private 5G networks?
  • Does GenXComm offer both hardware and software solutions?
  • Core components of GenXComm solutions?
  • We then talked about the growth areas for the company.

Guest: Hardik Jain (LinkedIn)
Company: GenXComm Inc. (Twitter)
Show: Let’s Talk

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