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How GitHub Actions Improve Developer Workflow, Experience & Expertise


In this episode of TFiR Insights, I invited Chris Patterson, Product Manager, GitHub Actions – GitHub to join us and talk about how GitHub is approaching DevOps. We touched upon a wide range of topics which are listed below:

  • Patterson talked about his role at GitHub as the lead product manager for GitHub Actions.
  • What exactly are GitHub Actions and what value do they add to the workflow or pipeline of a developer?
  • Patterson shares some of the examples of how developers are using GitHub Actions.
  • We have started to hear a lot about GitOps. How do GitHub Actions help people leverage that?
  • At the end of 2020, GitHub hosted its annual Universe event. Patterson discussed the focus of the event and some of the major announcements made there.
  • We also discussed how security is becoming a serious topic and what role CD plays in making security part of the developer pipeline.
  • I probed Patterson to hear his views on the emergence of SREs and what role they will be playing in the future.
  • GitHub is more than just sharing code; it’s also about sharing experience and expertise. How do GitHub Actions enable that interaction between developers?

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