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How Kubernetes Will Change Cloud Foundry


This is an excerpt from our longer discussion with Julian Fischer, CEO of anynines, in which we talked about the two prominent open source projects aimed at bridging the gap between Cloud Foundry and Kubernetes – KubeCF and CF-for-k8s.

According to Julian, CF-for-k8s is winning developers’ hearts and seems to be the right candidate to bring Kubernetes-like experience to Cloud Foundry. What makes CF-for-k8s so different from KubeCF and how Cloud Foundry experience will change for developers as they increase the usage of Kubernetes.

“The Cloud Foundry experience will become closer to a native Kubernetes experience in the sense that more Kubernetes idioms will be supported by Cloud Foundry and Cloud Foundry will itself become leaner,” said Fischer.

Guest: Julian Fischer
Company: anynines
Show: Let’s Talk (Clips)
Host: Swapnil Bhartiya
Topics: Kubernetes, Cloud Foundry

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