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How Nobl9 Hydrogen Helps Engineers Manage Technical Debt And Reduce Burnout 


Guest: Brian Singer (LinkedIn, Twitter) 
Company: Nobl9 (LinkedIn, Twitter) 
Show: Let’s Talk 

The pandemic has accelerated digital transformation and cloud adoption. Shift left and DevOps movement are already moving a lot of responsibility onto a developer’s desk. With accelerated cloud adoption and complexity, the cloud-native space is moving even more responsibility into developer’s pipelines. When combined with other factors, it’s leading to burnouts which is impacting performance and organizations facing long-term challenges. 

Nobl9 is a company that helps software developers, DevOps practitioners, and reliability engineers deliver reliable features faster through software-defined service level objectives (SLOs) that link monitoring and other logging and tracing data to user happiness and business KPIs. The company recently announced its  Hydrogen platform that is designed for anyone to get started with implementing the  SLOs.  

“It will help organizations and engineers reduce the amount of burnout that they’re having from things like pages going off that aren’t actual issues and manage things like technical debt more effectively to focus on the things that are causing real issues for their teams in terms of operational load,” said Brian Singer, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer, Nobl9. 

In this show, we also talked about technical debt, burnout and how Hydrogen can help organizations manage these more efficiently. Here are some of the topics we covered in this show:


  • What is Hydrogen and what problems are you trying to solve with it?
  • There’s mass attrition and the tech industry is certainly suffering from workplace burnout. What is causing this burnout? 
  • What leads to the creation of technical debt and is it really that bad? 
  • What are Service Level Indicators (SLIs) and how do they help companies in  identifying the technical debt that they’re inquiring and how do they work with SLOs? 
  • We understand the problem area. Now let’s talk about how Hydrogen, SLIs and SLOs solve some of these problems? 
  • What are the core components of the Hydrogen SaaS platform?  
  • What has been the user feedback for Hydrogen? 
  • What is the right approach for SLOs/SLIs and to use Hydrogen in the most efficient way? 
  • What’s next in the pipeline? What does the roadmap for Hydrogen, or, your whole SLO strategy look like?

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