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How Secure Are Reusable Kubernetes Components | Matt Johnson, Bridgecrew


Bridgecrew, a Palo Alto Networks company, is focused on bringing security for infrastructure code right into the developer pipeline with great ease. “By presenting security information directly in pull requests, surfacing issues directly in VS code, when you first start writing that first line of code, it really is about trying to bring security into that automated lifecycle,” said Matt Johnson, Developer Advocate Lead, Bridgecrew.

The company recently released a report on how secure reusable components of Kubernetes by default are. They scanned thousands of open-source Helm charts available for reuse on Artifact Hub against common Kubernetes security and compliance policies via Checkov.

In this edition of Let’s Talk, we sat down with Johnson to go deeper into their findings and report and also understand new patterns and trends in the cloud-native security space.

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 Matt Johnson is a Developer Advocate for, based in not-so-sunny Manchester, UK, he helps DevOps teams simplify, automate and improve their infrastructure security. Coming from a security and platform automation background, formerly at Cisco, he is excited by the disruptive power of Infrastructure as Code, container and serverless orchestration in bringing scalable, cost-effective IT to companies of all sizes, while also building awareness of the security challenges these new capabilities bring.
Company: Bridgecrew develops and delivers security as code so that anyone can deploy the defenses needed to protect their cloud infrastructure.

Host: Swapnil Bhartiya
Show: Let’s Talk
Social Links for Bridgecrew: Twitter, LinkedIn
Topics: security, cloud native, Kubernetes

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