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How SIOS Ensures High Availability For The Financial Services Industry 


In this ongoing series about high availability (HA) and disaster recovery (DR) for various industries, Greg Tucker, Senior Product (Windows) Support Engineer at SIOS Technology,  joins us to share his insights about how the company protects the financial industry from downtime and failover.

SIOS has a global presence in the financial industry with customers ranging from commercial banking, various brokerage firms, wealth management, CPA firms and so on. No other industry is more mission critical and sensitive to downtime and failure than the financial industry,  with customers relying on critical applications for their online banking systems, ATMs, and payment systems. “We provide failure or clustering software that will protect their critical applications and data from downtime and/or a catastrophic event,” says Tucker.

Tucker explains that in essence, the critical applications are deployed on a primary server, whether it be on-prem or in the cloud, as it is clustered with a secondary server or multiple servers. “In the event, the clustering software detects a failure, it will move all the resources over to the secondary node and restore services to the end users automatically; no data loss, no disruption,” he adds.

Check out the whole interview above to learn more.

Highlights of the discussion:

  • SIOS has a global presence in the financial industry with customers using SIOS products to eliminate a single point of failure in their cluster environment.
  • With a shift towards cloud, there is a business requirement (SLAs) to protect and make data highly available for Oracle, SAP, SQL, SAP MAxDB, file shares and generic (legacy) applications.
  • Scalability that comes with cloud can pose some challenges to high availability but SIOS clustering solution designed for cloud can swiftly handle those potential challenges.
  • Tucker addresses some common misconceptions about high availability especially in the financial service industry.
  • Importance of HA for financial institutions.


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