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How To Become A Certified Chaos Engineer | Gremlin Is Here To Help


How Gremlin is helping the next generation of Chaos Engineering practitioners with its new training and certification program

Tammy Bryant (Principal Site Reliability Engineer) and Alex Drag (Product Marketing), both from Gremlin, join Swapnil Bhartiya to discuss a new training/certification program they’ve created with their co-workers. Within 5 weeks of launching the program, they’ve had nearly 5,000 people enrolled in the certification.

The new program is centered around Chaos Engineering (experimenting on a software stack in production to build confidence in the system’s ability to withstand unexpected conditions). Gremlin wanted to “provide something that allows you to make sure that you know all the fundamentals, all the basics, and a few advanced tactics and tricks and be able to share that expertise with the rest of the world.” Even more pointed, as Bryant says, “We need to understand how things break.”

To make this happen, Bryant met with over 100 people to gain insight and understand what types of problems they needed solved. According to Bryant, “There were a few key pain points. One was our customers are trying to hire people who are experts in Gremlin and experts in Chaos Engineering. For that, we took a step back and realized it’s very important to deliver this first initial foundation certificate, which is really like a 101 Foundation Gremlin Chaos Engineering certificate.”

As Drag puts it, one reason Chaos Engineering has become so important is that it “offers this extra level of pinpoint performance engineering and performance testing. It’s like how does my system respond both under load and when CPU resources are consumed, right to a certain degree. You can use Chaos Engineering to sort of bolster and improve the current work you’re doing and maybe, potentially, make that career shift as well.”

The company plans to do more, especially within the banking and finance sector, where they have mandatory training and development. Those industries want fast, online, inclusive, and available training with multiple-choice questions for a foundational exam…and make sure the exams are available across the globe. As Gremlin created the first certification, they wanted to make sure it was challenging and covered enough areas that they felt confident that if someone passed the certificate they’d feel “amazing.” Future certification plans include additional levels (beyond the foundation) and even building technical specialists tracks.

To sign up for the certification, go to Once enrolled, users are sent to the platform, where they can begin the course. Users only get three attempts and must get an 80% or above to pass.

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