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How To Protect Your Company From Uber-Like Attacks | Dennis Zimmer, Codenotary


The Uber breach is a warning call for companies that even larger tech behemoths are not invincible against cyberattacks. Companies need to embrace a very aggressive and holistic security strategy, which includes both technology and culture.

In this segment of Let’s Talk, I sat down with Dennis Zimmer, Co-Founder and CTO of Codenotary, to discuss how companies can improve their security posture. The primary focus has been on the software supply chain security and SBOMs (software bill of materials).

“Whether it’s a small or large organization, we use open source components; we also use third-party and closed-source software. And it’s extremely hard to have complete transparency through everything that is inside of your applications,” said Zimmer. That’s where SBOMs and understanding software supply chains can really help companies.

Codenotary will be again at KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Detroit to showcase their technologies. Do stop by their booth!

Connect with Dennis Zimmer (LinkedIn)
Learn more about Codenotary (LinkedIn, Twitter) Aims To Democratize Permissions For The Cloud World | Or Weis

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