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How UBiqube Is Helping Enterprises Embrace Edge Cloud


Guest: Nabil Souli (LinkedIn)
Company: UBiqube (Twitter)

In this episode of TFiR: Let’s Talk, Swapnil Bhartiya sits down with Nabil Souli, CEO of UBiqube, to discuss the current edge landscape and how UBiqube is uniquely positioned to help both enterprises and service providers.

Key highlights of this video interview:

  • The edge is emerging as a very serious contender to the ultra-centralized cloud approach. It is an opportunity for enterprises to have their application closer to where they are, to make it easier to deploy and more cost effective.
  • The challenge for enterprises is the increasing complexity of having their application running both in a central location for some of them and other applications, or modules of that application operating from the edge of the network or the edge of the cloud.
  • The growth of edge data centers was initially driven by the untapped market segment that includes Fortune 5000 companies and those having latency sensitive applications that need to be operated within the boundaries of a country, for instance, for compliance reasons.
  • As you get to the edge, the number of touch points is multiplied by the thousands. If there’s a change in architecture, the impact is pretty dramatic.
  • Cost changes, compliance rules change over time, security parameters change every day. Therefore, what an enterprise Head of IT really needs to be looking for in a solution are: 1) the ability to handle change and variations, and 2) it has to be easy.

UBiqube helps both sides of the equation:

  • For service providers, a platform, an abstraction middleware that helps them stitch together components or technologies as they see fit, i.e., more relevant, or more cost effective, or whatever. It is a way to remain future-proof by evolving the architecture over time and avoiding cost erosion.
  • For enterprise customers, there is Cloudclapp, which they deploy on any infrastructure, any sort of cloud, including the edge.

Souli went on to share a client success story where the UBiqube MSActivator and Cloudclapp were used in a continuous supply chain management scenario.

This summary was written by Camille Gregory.

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