How Voice Is Democratizing Healthcare | VOICE SUMMIT 2019


At the VOICE Summit (2019), powered by Modev, we sat down with Nathan Treloar, President and Co-Founder of Orbita.

Orbita helps to create and deliver HIPAA-compliant voice- and chatbot-powered virtual assistants designed to increase operational efficiencies and improve consumer, patient, and member experience

Topics we discussed:
00:00:21 What is Orbita?
00:00:51 When and why did you find the company?
00:02:33 Voice is democratizing computing
00:03:49 How voice enables people with disability to use computers
00:6:07 State of voice-assisted healthcare
00:08:04 What kind of organizations are using your voice solutions?
00:09:37 What unique challenges does voice-assisted healthcare pose