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HPE Machine Learning Development System Helps Enterprises With AI Model Development And Training Solution


Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) has announced the new HPE Machine Learning Development System, which is purpose-built for AI and integrates a machine learning software platform, compute, accelerators, and networking to develop and train more accurate AI models faster, and at scale.

Aleph Alpha, a German AI startup, has adopted the HPE Machine Learning Development System to train their multimodal AI, which includes Natural Language Processing (NLP) and computer vision. By combining image and text processing in five languages with almost human-like context understanding, the models push the boundaries of modern AI for all kinds of language and image-based transformative use cases, such as AI-assistants for the creation of complex texts, higher level understanding summaries, searching for highly specific information in hundreds of documents, and leveraging of specialized knowledge in a conversational context.

By adopting the HPE Machine Learning Development System, Aleph Alpha had the system immediately up and began efficiently training in record time, combining and monitoring hundreds of GPUs.

HPE also announced the launch of HPE Swarm Learning, an AI solution to accelerate insights at the edge, from diagnosing diseases to detecting credit card fraud, by sharing and unifying AI model learnings without compromising data privacy.

Developed by Hewlett Packard Labs, HPE Swarm Learning provides customers with containers that are easily integrated with AI models using the HPE swarm API. Users can then immediately share AI model learnings within their organization and outside with industry peers to improve training, without sharing actual data.

HPE Swarm Learning is available now in most countries.

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