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HTC launches Viveport Infinity; to offer unlimited access to VR games


Up until now, you could play with up to 5 virtual reality (VR) titles a month with HTC’s Viveport VR subscription for around $9 a month. VivePort Infinity is here to change the game for you. Taking the Viveport VR subscription a step further, the company has now launched the new plan to give you unlimited access to the Viveport Infinity library.

With VivePort Infinity, subscribers will be able to download and play any of 500+ participating games whenever they want without any cap.

Rikard Steiber, President, Viveport said: “With Viveport Infinity, we’re offering our members the best value in VR content with 100x more choice, all at one low price.”

The company has scheduled the launch of Viveport Infinity on April 5th, as part of its annual Vive Day celebrations. HTC has not disclosed its pricing yet; however, it is likely to cost you more than $80.

The service would be accessible across all current and future Vive devices as well as the Oculus Rift and other devices in the Wave Eco-system.

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