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Humio Pushes Kubernetes To Scale | Grant Schofield at KubeCon


In this episode of “Let’s Talk”, Grant Schofield, Director of Infrastructure at Humio talks about how Humio managed to scale Kubernetes to run 100TB of ingest on 25 Humio nodes. We also talked about the evolution and growth of Kubernetes…and we also talked about his hobbies.

Host: Swapnil Bhartiya – founder & editor in chief, TFIR.IO
Grant Schofield, Director of Infrastructure at Humio
Location: KubeCon + CloudNativeCon (Barcelona, Spain)
Date of recording: May 22, 2019

Topics we discussed:
00:00:26 – What has been your experience at KubeCon?
00:01:44 What services does Humio offer?
00:03:30 What Observability trends do you see
00:05:28 The scalability demo Humio gave at the event
00:06:50 Kubernetes is not a FAD
00:07:44 Hobbies?

You can also listen to the audio podcast of the interview on SoundCloud.

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