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IBM Joins Eclipse Adoptium Working Group


IBM is joining the Eclipse Adoptium Working Group as an enterprise member. IBM is a founding and active member of the AdoptOpenJDK community, which is moving under the stewardship of the Eclipse Foundation to form the Adoptium working group.

Adoptium is founded by multiple participants, including many Java developers and vendors such as Alibaba Cloud, Huawei, IBM, iJUG, Karakun AG, Microsoft, New Relic, and Red Hat. The Adoptium Working Group aims to provide the Java ecosystem with fully compatible, high-quality distributions of Java runtimes based on OpenJDK source code.

Adoptium recently announced plans to build their own binary called Eclipse Temurin and market and promote a wide variety of JDK releases that are produced by working group members, are certified by the Java SE TCK test suite, and meet its own AQAvit quality criteria.

“To preserve the Java community‚Äôs access to OpenJ9-based JDK binaries, IBM will provide to the public, at no cost, TCK-certified OpenJ9-based JDK binaries built with the OpenJDK class libraries,” mentions an official blog post.

Although Adoptium is still in its early stages, IBM looks forward to working with the Eclipse Foundation and the working group to form a JDK binary marketplace, hopeful that any Adoptium working group member company will be able to publish certified JDK binaries that meet the AQAvit quality criteria under open source or commercial license to the Java community.

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