IBM has announced its first remotely accessible, autonomous chemical laboratory called RoboRXN. The new AI/cloud-based chemistry lab is designed to help chemists relieve from tedious repetitive tasks so that they can focus on developing new materials in a more efficient way.

At the core of the RoboRXN technology is an AI model that, trained on a large number of chemical recipes, learns the specifics of chemicals to recommend the correct sequence of operations to “cook” a specific target molecule.

In a blog post, IBM explains that the company’s aim in building RoboRXN was to use this AI model to eliminate the tedious human task of programing commercial automation hardware.

To make the RoboRXN system even more user-friendly, the company decided to implemente the entire set of services on the IBM Cloud to make it accessible everywhere there is an internet connection.

The company claims that the result is a reliable and autonomous infrastructure.

RoboRXN integrates technologies such as cloud, AI and automation to assist chemists in not only predicting chemical reactions, but also in executing the production of a molecule or substance from anywhere in the world. The latter is particularly critical as we remain working from home.

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