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immuDB-Like Databases Are Ideal For Metaverse


Guest: Jack Aboutboul (LinkedIn, Twitter)
Company: Codenotary (Twitter)
Show: Let’s Talk

immudb is the world’s fastest immutable database that’s also open source, tamperproof, cryptographically certified, and can be used as a replacement for any SQL database.

As far as use cases of immuDB are concerned, Jack Aboutboul, Vice President for Product at Codenotary, says their database is an option for “anything where you want to make sure that your data is there, that your data’s cryptographically verified, that you’re going to be able to see a history of your data and that it can’t be tampered with.” Aboutboul adds, “What we’ve seen so far is this works tremendously well for things like CI/CD, where you have things going on and you want to be able to store information about different components within your system or different parts of the build or different artifacts.”

As to specific use cases, Aboutboul mentions the financial sector, DevOps, government institutions, and manufacturing.

The latest release of immuDB includes some exciting new features, such as full asset support, deletion/expiration (which allows immuDB to support GDPRs right to be forgotten), enhanced SQL capability (such as SQL primitives), a cleaner interface, and Golang standard library support.

As to whether or not immuDB should become the defacto open-source database for the future, Aboutboul says, “When you talk about stuff like the metaverse, I think that we are already seeing a lot of activity around blockchains there, and blockchains are not always the most efficient way to execute some of this stuff. Whereas immuDB offers a very similar type of functionality but without a lot of the overhead that blockchains require.” Aboutboul wraps it up with, “Yes, I do think, as we move towards the future where data security, integrity, and verifiability are going to become more important to us in society, absolutely, I see us as becoming the defacto open-source database for the future.”

The summary of the show is written by Jack Wallen

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