In 2022, Multi-Cloud Adoption Will Be Strong | Cassius Rhue


Guest: Cassius Rhue (LinkedIn)
Company: SIOS Technology (Twitter)
Show: 2022 Prediction Series

With the majority of organizations making multi-cloud a strategic priority worldwide, Cassius Rhue, VP of customer experience at SIOS Technology, predicts an increase in the usage of multi-cloud in 2022. “I believe that’s going to be driven both by the advances in technology specialization that we find in one cloud versus another for a particular workload, but it’s also being driven heavily by companies acquiring other companies and technologies as they continue to build out their stack,” adds Rhue. He also expects to see more companies investing in professional services.

Rhue also shares his 2022 prediction about disaster recovery. “I think with the growing number of disasters and how widespread they are, how they are affecting every part of the country and the world, you’ll see companies begin to invest more heavily in their disaster recovery strategy. That will include investing in technologies that allow them to recover data faster, create zero data lost copies and clones,” quips Rhue. Check out the above video to know what else Rhue is predicting for the year ahead.

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